Hundredth International Scientific and Technical Conference of the AAE

Dear colleagues,

7- 8 June 2017, the Russian Association of Automotive Engineers (AAE) will held the hundredth International Scientific and Technical Conference "Environmental Safety of Vehicles."

The vast territory of the Russian Federation, its location in different climatic zones – from the Arctic to the subtropics and hot deserts, the embedding of the automotive industry and transport in the global economy and international Agreements on transport are constantly raising the issues of adaptation to modern environmental and energy saving technologies in real economy and the legislation. Russia's commitment to the principles of Geneva Agreement of 1958 in the field of vehicles construction is evidenced by the fact that Russia consistently complied with the principles of this Agreement, applying national legislation (the most number of UN Regulations – technical annexes there to, compared to other countries).

The current period in world transport development is characterized by the introduction  of new technologies -  from electric vehicles to new and innovative sources of energy, thus motivating   Russian society and the society of automotive engineers, in particular, to formulate a clear "road map" of legislation development. This development would stimulate the implementation of these technologies in compliance with national characteristics of the actual operation and subject to economic feasibility. While in some cities and localities it is required to use the most modern technologies, in other regions sparsely populated and with poor infrastructure (Arctic regions with extremely cold climate), the use of the above mentioned technologies is not only economically unjustified, but dangerous from the point of view of operational safety. The issue is even more relevant because of the application of the unified Technical Regulation "On safety of wheeled vehicles" by member countries of the EEU including Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan... Discussion of these issues in terms of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of vehicles is expected in the frame of the International Scientific and Technical Conference of the Association of Automotive Engineers of Russia.


  1. Regulation of harmful emissions
  2. The compulsion to energy efficiency
  3. Development of test methods for vehicles and engines
  4. Automotive engines and power trains
  5. Hybrid actuators
  6. Vehicles with "zero" emissions. The electric vehicles.
  7. Alternative sources of energy (fuel). Hydrogen.
  8. Noise emissions: legislation, events and etc.

The conference will be attended by the heads of Federal Executive authorities of the Russian Federation, domestic and foreign experts of manufacturers of vehicles and components, research institutes, universities, transport organizations, certification bodies and testing laboratories of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The conference venue: NAMI’s Testing Centre (State Research Centre of the Russian Federation).

Additional information and programme will be posted on the website

We invite you to participate in our conference.